STDBM 2006

The Third Workshop on Spatio-Temporal
Database Management in conjuction with VLDB 06

September 11, 2006, Seoul, Korea


Managing spatially and temporally referenced data is becoming  increasingly important, given the continuing advances in wireless communications, ubiquitous computing technologies and the availability of real datasets to be managed. An exchange of ideas and a dialog between practitioners and  researchers will benefit both the academic and  the commercial world in the development of spatio-temporal database management.


The one-day third international workshop on Spatio-Temporal Database  Management will be held in Seoul, Korea on September 11, 2006 in conjuction with VLDB 2006. It will bring together leading researchers and developers  in the area of spatio-temporal databases in order to discuss state-of-the-art  as well as novel research in spatio-temporal databases. The workshop  is intended to serve as a forum for disseminating research and experience  in this rapidly growing area.  For more information, please contact with one of PC co-chairs, Prof. Christophe Claramunt (, Prof. Simonas Šaltenis (, and Prof. Ki-Joune Li (